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Teachers and Staff

A bilingual administrative staff, always available, supervise students in all their activities and during various stages of their stay.

All of our teachers’ mother tongue is Spanish and they are holders of university diplomas. They take active part in all stages of the learning, as far as courses are concerned, of course, in order to improve the performance of each student irrespective of his or her level; also in accompanying students throughout visits and extracurricular activities.



Eugenio Palomares. General Coordinator

BA Tourism Administration Instituto Tecnológico #44. Eugenio has 23 years of experience in international business and international tourism. He has studied and lived in the United States and Switzerland. He traveled in Mexico, France, Switzerland, USA and Cuba.



Alberto Estrella. Trilingual Teacher and Support Staff Coordination

BE-UAEM. Alberto has been a teacher for 20 years he teaches Spanish, English and German. He has traveled in the United States and in Mexico. He speaks English and German fluently.



Fabiola Velasco. Spanish Language Teacher

UAEM. Fabiola has 11 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. She is very kind and patient with her students. Her teaching methods are very well appreciated by students.



Miguel Ángel Vélez. Spanish Language Teacher

Anthropology UNAM. He has lived in the United States. He has been teaching Spanish to foreigers for the last 30 years. His teaching methods are the favorites of many students.



Perla Rodríguez. Spanish Language Teacher

Perla has been teaching Spanish to foreigers for the last 15 years. She has lived in several cities in Mexico and also in Tokyo Japan. She is very kind and commited to all of her students.



Personnel from the following companies have joined our program:


Coca-Cola, Mexico

Children's Hospital Oakland, Ca, USA

First Cash Inc.

IBM Mexico

Inter American Bank

Intel Corp. USA

Microsoft Corp. Mexico

PepsiCo USA


Students and teachers from the following universities and colleges have joined our program:


Auburn College

Augustana State University

Bowling Green State University

Colby College

College of Notre Dame

Concordia College

Drew School

Fordham Leadership Academy

Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington

Pioneer High School

Saint Mary's University - Texas

San Diego State University

Sir Francis Drake High School

Southern Utah University

State University of New York-Albany

University of California - Los Angeles

University of California - Santa Cruz

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of South Carolina


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Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico
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