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Mexico is not dangerous et all...  

Photo of Cuernavaca's downtown - The Cathedral

Cuernavaca a safe city

Many people in the United States and Canada is afraid of coming to our country to learn our culture and language due to government warnings and media reports.... So, we ask some students staying here these days about their experience...

About Safety; Oceana wrote:

Generally, Cuernavaca is a very safe and friendly city. Traveling around on the bus and walking around the city, I feel very safe, and often safer than in cities in the US. There are always people in the streets and there are taxis, frequent and reliable busses, and payphones everywhere should you need to leave an area quickly. As long as you use common sense and take the normal precautions you would in any large city, you should be fine. Donīt carry around large amounts of cash or credit cards, donīt walk in dangerous areas alone, donīt walk on deserted streets in the middle of the night, and donīt wonder around alone in the streets after going to the bar. But in general, you shouldnīt have any problems with safety here as it is a peaceful city. The people here are willing to help you out if you are lost and need directions, and taxis are cheap and everywhere.  

Dee wrote:

...I have been to Cancun, Cozumel and further south of Cancun 4-5 times. I'm fine with traveling to your area and other places...

Valerie wrote:

... The American news media is causing hysteria about travel to Mexico. So many Americans misunderstand Mexico. There are lots of reports of violence around the border...but who wants vacations in Tijuana or Nogales anyway? To tell the truth, right before my trip I panicked a little because everyone I met thought I was crazy to take my 10 year old daughter to Mexico with all the reports of abduction and drug related violence. But then I remembered how wonderful Mexican people are and how they revere and would never harm children. Our experience was wonderful! I felt in some ways that my daughter was even safer there than in our hometown. The people were so kind and we never felt uncomfortable or in any danger for even a moment.  To be honest, another place to which I have always wanted to return is Oaxaca and I did look into some programs there. Even when everything is fine the media can really exaggerate the situation and scare you. I would recommend the trip to anyone though. My daughter loved it so much she cried when our 2 weeks were over and we had to return home... Have a nice day!

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