Homestay and Spanish Lessons

Cuernavaca, State of Morelos, Mexico

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Packages for Adults, Teen and Children Individuals in USD valid from Sep 2009 to December 2010


1 week $370 (Code P-1)

2 weeks  $730 (Code P-2)

3 weeks $1,095 (Code P-3)

4 weeks $1,415 (Code P-4)


1 week $475 (Code S-1)
2 weeks $830
(Code S-2)
3 weeks $1,164
(Code S-3)
4 weeks $1,479
(Code S-4)
5 weeks $1,805
(Code S-5)
6 weeks $2,116
(Code S-6)
7 weeks $2,452
(Code S-7)
8 weeks $2,788
(Code S-8)

Autumn and Winter

1 week $350 (Code W-1)

2 weeks  $700 (Code W-2)

3 weeks $1,020 (Code W-3)

4 weeks $1,360 (Code W-4)


Notes: All of the packages include: Registration, homestay (7 nights) and 6 hours of Spanish lessons from Mon to Fri. Don not include transportation from airport nor weekend excursions.

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Did you know that:

Hispanics in the United States have the youngest average age and are the fastest growing population?

In many service professions you will only be hired if you can speak Spanish?

Spanish is spoken in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia?

Spanish is a main language in 23 countries and is spoken by 352 million people, or by 417 million including nonnative speakers?

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Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico
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