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Super Intensive Spanish Course FOR PROFESSIONALS / NURSES / HEALTH CARE AND EXECUTIVES. "Complete Immersion".


This Program provides language and cross-cultural skills for non-Spanish speakers who need to communicate with Spanish speakers as part of their career. The instructional system incorporates work-specific language, phonetic encoding, and grammar based materials to teach non-Spanish speakers survival Spanish for the workplace. Programs are available for business and health care professionals, social work, industry, service providers, educators, firefighters, office personnel, supervisors of Spanish-speaking employees, international travelers, and professionals doing business in Latin America. All can be customized to meet individual needs.


This program includes daily from Mon to Fri::

* 4 hours of one-on-one classes. Well-intensive grammar class with emphasis on writing and speaking on his/her area of work.

* 2 hours of Cross Cultural Training

* 2 hours practice one-on-one (optional.) Practice and/or conversation with one instructor outside classroom in a relaxed atmosphere. 

During the week and on weekends, we offer cultural and recreational excursions. 

Advantages of the Super Intensive Spanish Course:


One teacher per student

Cross cultural training
Lessons + lodging and meals at your homestay
Safe and discreet
Very suggested to VIPs

Total of lessons per week: 40 hrs.


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Cuernavaca, Morelos. Mexico
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