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Family Program

If you are interested in learning Spanish. Take your family with you!!

You adult, will join our Intensive Spanish Course for 3 hours or 6 hours a day (Mon-Fri) as well as live the Mexican culture. Your children will join the Teen Program or  Children Program "learning by playing" for 3 hours or to 6 hours daily. As a family you will join two visits per week to places of interest (besides weekend excursions, see below.) Open all year round.

THE CUERNAVACA WALKING TOUR - THE CATHEDRAL. Franciscan ex-Monastery, built between the years 1529 and 1552 by the first monks who arrived from Spain in 1524. PALACIO DE CORTES. The first house of "The Conquistador" Hernán Cortés was built in 1532-now a historical 30 room museum with a dramatic Diego Rivera mural.

TAXCO is a colonial gem, with steep, twisting, cobbled streets and many picturesque buildings. The first silver shipped to Spain came from the mines of Taxco. José de la Borda made and spent three fortunes here in the 18th Century. He founded the present town and built the magnificent twin-towered rose-colored parish church of Santa Prisca, which soars above everything but the mountains.

BIG PYRAMIDS OF TEOTIHUACAN is located 45 km from Mexico City and has some of the most remarkable relics of an ancient civilization in the world. From around 300 BC until today, the builders of the site remain a mystery. Why they came and why the civilization disappeared is pure conjecture. The city housed 250,000 inhabitants and whose influence spread as far as Honduras.There are three areas: the Ciudadela, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.The ciudadela (citadel) is capable of holding 60,000 people and its main feature is the temple of Quetzalcoatl (the Plugged Serpent, Lord of Air and Wind). The Plaza of the Sun contains many buildings, but it is dominated by the massive Pyramid of the Sun and covers almost the same space as the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. he Pyramid of the Moon is only half the size of that of the Pyramid of the Sun.

MEXICO CITY'S - NACIONAL MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY AND HISTORY houses a vast collection illustrating pre-conquest Mexican culture. It has an immense patio shaded by a gigantic concrete mushroom, 4,200 square meters -the world's largest concrete expanse supported by a single pillar. THE CATHEDRAL is the oldest and largest in Latin America and was finished in 1813.

Students Quotes
"The teachers were very good and very professional. The cultural tours were amazing. My grandson loved seeing the pyramids, missions and museums! He also liked his teacher and the games and art activities. Here, he says be learned a lot more Spanish than at his school. My granddaughter loved climbing the pyramids and shopping at Taxco.... I am impressed have much they learned - I think this would really build their confidence. "
My advice for future students: "Let the staff know what you want to get out of the experience. They will be very helpful in assisting you."                                   Nancy Lloyd - 59 - Retired - California

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