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Getting Your Point Across

Besides making you more effective in conversations, paraphrasing can help you build a larger and functional vocabulary.

Carrying out a conversation in the real world is usually much harder than what your language text books might lead you to believe. The different accents, slang, body language and the tone and speed of the spoken word does a lot to throw newcomers off track. However, conversation is also easier than some might think since you can actually go back and forth with your listener to correct any errors and confirm that he understood what you said or vice versa. We call paraphrasing to the ability to re-phrase or re-state something that has been said before. Paraphrasing is a very important skill for language students, one that they can put to the test quite quickly both in the written and in the verbal arenas.

Most experienced teachers know that any academic writing of substance will require quite a bit of skill in paraphrasing. This skill is also vital for participating in social situations and commercial transactions, which comprise quite a big percentage of what we do everyday. Paraphrasing allows you to confirm information and to convey meaning accurately within a conversation, both essential requirements for succeeding at getting your point across and avoid costly mistakes.

Spanish questions to confirm meaning:
  • ¿Le entendí bien?
  • Entonces lo que está diciendo, ¿es que... ?
  • Sí le entendí correctamente, lo que dijo es que...
  • Entonces lo que está diciendo es que... ¿no es cierto?

For students taking both English and Spanish courses London area, this skill takes up a premium spot on their curricula. Most teachers will devote plenty of time to create conversation workshops that give all language learners a way to immediately put their recently acquired knowledge to the use and work with each other to carry out a conversation or present a topic. While oral skills should not overshadow writing exercises an grammar classes, they are much more entertaining for most students and they present the language in the same way they will encounter it outside of the classroom, making it a great activity for any language course.

If you want to get access to the ultimate "real world Spanish" experience, however, you should try an immersion program or course for your desired language. Although taking a Spanish course London offers can give you a great measure of skill and knowledge in Spanish you will get a much more holistic experience from traveling abroad and learning the language in a country like Mexico or Argentina. The combination of intensive classes with top class teachers and the ability to mingle and interact with natives gives you an incredible edge at learning the language as it is actually spoken.

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Did you know that:

• Hispanics in the United States have the youngest average age and are the fastest growing population?

• In many service professions you will only be hired if you can speak Spanish?

• Spanish is spoken in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia?

• Spanish is a main language in 23 countries and is spoken by 352 million people, or by 417 million including nonnative speakers?



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