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Why learn Spanish Abroad?

In the next century, different languages and cultures will increasingly impact our lives. In the Americas, Spanish and the Latino culture will have the greatest impact. Big business has recognized the importance of the Hispanic consumer and has invested heavily in Latin America. Unlike Europe and Asia where business is conducted in English, in Latin America you need to speak Spanish and be familiar with the culture to be successful.

Today, Spanish rivals English as the language of choice in the Americas with 250 million native Spanish speakers in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and North America. In twenty years, one out of every six people living in the United States will be Hispanic. In the past, learning Spanish used to be a way to open doors, but soon it will be a necessity.

Here are some reasons why you should learn Spanish:

A World Language - 300 million people speak Spanish making it one of the largest markets for businesses and one of the most useful languages in the world for travel.

Large Population Of Native Speakers In The USA - Officially, 10.5% of the entire population or 27.7 million people living in the USA are Hispanic. Hispanics are projected to be the largest minority in the USA by the year 2010 (estimate by Woodes & Poole Economics).

Employers are seeking applicants who can speak Spanish in nearly every profession (medical, police/fire, public service, legal, education, sales, etc.). The chances that your neighbor will speak Spanish are greater than him speaking any other foreign language.

Giant consumer market within the USA. Hispanics annual purchasing power is estimated at $220.2 Billion (estimate by Hispanic Business Inc.)

A Source For Manufacturing Jobs - Many of U.S. manufacturing jobs are being relocated to Latin America.

Spanish Literature & Film - A large body of literary work is written in Spanish and Spanish language films continue to receive praise from the film industry and viewers.

Useful Language For US Citizens Traveling Abroad - Because there are so many Spanish speaking countries, we estimate that U.S. citizens spend more travel time in Spanish speaking countries than in any other foreign countries (excluding English speaking countries).

Easy For English Speakers To Learn - Because of its Latin roots, nearly identical alphabet and pronunciation rules, Spanish is one of the easiest languages for an English speaker to learn.