Our’s students have several housing options. In our homestay program, carefully selected families provide a home away from home. This gives students the opportunity to further appreciate the beauty of Mexico and its people.

Private accommodations such as condominiums, houses and hotel rooms are also available. If students would like for us to organize such independent housing, a description of what they are looking for, including a price range, the desired number of bedrooms, dates of the students’ housing, desired proximity to the school, and any specific requests, is helpful. We will do everything possible to meet the student’s needs and will send options to the student. Prices of such accommodations vary and do not include meals.

Upon arrival to Oaxaca, taxis and airport transfers are easy to find. A transfer from the airport to the hostfamily‘s home or hotel will cost about $12 USD. A taxi from the bus station to the home or hotel will cost between $3 USD and $6 USD, depending on the location of the family‘s home in relation to the bus station. Often, the host families prefer to pick up students at the airport or bus station directly. We will confirm whether the family will meet the student at the airport upon confirmation of homestay.

Bus From Mexico City to Oaxaca
Our center is located in the city of Oaxaca, about 450 kilometers (a little under 300 miles) south of Mexico City. Air travel direct to Oaxaca can sometimes be costly, so many of our students prefer to take the bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus leaving from the airport, so we have outlined below what one should do after going through customs at the airport in Mexico’s capital.

After going through customs, baggage claim and the luggage check-point in the airport, you should go to the ticket booth (a small office inside the airport) to buy tickets for taxis. You will purchase a ticket for the TAPO bus station, and the cost should be between $50 and $100 pesos (between $5 and $10 USD). From there, they will tell you where to stand in line to wait for a taxi. When it is your turn in line, the taxi driver will ask for your ticket, load your luggage and take you to TAPO. The ride is about 10 to 15 minutes if there is not much traffic. (If there is a lot of traffic, you may want to tip the taxi driver because he is paid by the trip not by time.)

Upon arrival to the TAPO station, you will look for the ADO bus line tickets booths and waiting area (it is a large area). There are several classes of buses, but UNO, GL Plus and Primera Clase (1st Class) are all fine. The cost of the ticket will range from $25 USD one-way (Primera Clase) to $40 USD one-way (UNO). The ride will be 6 hours in any of those three classes, and all of the buses are safe, clean and comfortable and show movies during the ride. At least one of the three lines will be leaving each hour from 8am to 23:00.

Once you arrive in Oaxaca, the first class bus station is located fairly centrally and there are many taxis outside that can take you to your family’s home, hotel or apartment.

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