Students enjoy a great variety of cultural and recreational activities. We offer one-day excursions to Monte Alban, Hierve el Agua, "el Tule" tree, Mezcal distilleries, and beautiful churches and convents.

One Day excursions
Monte Albán is the most important of the Meso-American archaeological zones. There is a museum on the grounds providing a detailed look into the Zapotecan culture. 10-minute drive
"El Tule" tree is located in the town of Santa María. It is considered the widest tree in the world and is over 2000 years old. 20-minute drive
Hierve el Agua is a beautiful waterfall that cascades over a mountain and offers an amazing view. Students can spend the day enjoying the view and swimming in the natural pools fed by the falls. There are cabañas available for those who wish to stay the night. 1 1/2 hour drive.
We will visit several mezcal distilleries to learn about the fermentation process in which Mezcal is made and taste the different flavors of this Mexican liquor. 30 minute drive
Students will explore one of Mexico's most beautiful churches, Santo Domingo, walk through its botanical garden and tour the Mexican History Museum found in the restored ex-convent. 5 minutes walking from school.
Two-Day Excursions
Our also offers two and three day excursions to Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel and Huatulco, where students can enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Pacific and the relaxed, fun atmosphere of the cities.

Students can take part in other activities, such as trips to neighboring towns, visits to archaeological zones, mountain biking tours, rappelling, hiking, rock climbing or paragliding.

The cost of the excursions and activities is not included in academic expenses.

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