The School

Our school in Cuernavaca is dedicated to the teaching of Spanish language to Foreigners from all over the globe. This is an independent college with a tranquil campus exactly in downtown Cuernavaca.

The school is well recognized by its teaching methods, with them you will not be only an spectator, you will be the performer!!

Their goal is make you Speak Spanish in the shortest possible time and keep you busy in our amusing and practical programs such as: painting, exchange conversation and tours!

The Staff

The teachers and staff have many years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners from 9 to 65 yrs old coming from all over the globe!! The program is open to high school and university freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and undergraduate and graduate students in all majors. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required. Ninety percent of the teachers speak English.

Classes start every Monday throughout the year.


School is located in the heart of the city of Cuernavaca in State of Morelos, Mexico in a very nice and tranquil place perfect for learning. 


A very comfortable place with a small garden ande 6 classrooms  capable to host maximum 30 students at same time.

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Fax and Voice mail in the U.S. 1 (610) 643-1782

Cell text: 011 52 1 (777) 376-8827