The Program  (adults, teens, children)

* Regular Spanish Program for Adults "Total Immersion"

Classes start every Monday of every week in groups of maximum 6 people. Suggested to people who have enough time to stay in Mexico and prefer a group atmosphere. Two week minimum length is suggested.

This program includes for 5 days:

* 3 hours of Spanish classes in group. Intensive grammar class with emphasis in speaking and writing. 6 students per class maximum. (See course work.)

* 2 hours of practice/conversation. Depending on his/her level, the class could be:

-Dialogues and situations for "survival" (for beginners.)

-Conversation and discussion in Round Tables (for intermediate and advanced.)

* 1 hour (optional) activity-conference-discussion on different topics such as Mexican Traditions, History, News, dancing classes such as: "salsa", "cumbia" and "merengue " and painting, suchas as: pastel, aquarela, temple, oil and acrilic. (This may be offered by a third part with extra cost.)

During the week and on weekends, we offer cultural and recreational excursions.

Advantages in the "Adult Program" are:

* Small group class
* Entertaining class atmosphere
* Easy learning interacting with class-mates
* Credits valid in your home college
* Semester intern program
* Very economical program

Total of hours per week offered in this program: 30 hrs.

Starting Dates

    Any Monday througout the year

* Regular Spanish Program for Teens

Classes start every Monday of every week in groups of maximum 8 teens. This full immersion program is suggested to teens from 13 to 17 yrs old. The main goal is speak Spanish in the shortest possible time, learn and understand Mexican culture. The minimum length of study suggested is 3 weeks.

Features of the "Teens Program":

* Open all year round
* Students learn Spanish from Mon to Fri
* Classes taught in Spanish (no previous Spanish is required.)
* All of our teachers have a knowledge of English for better teaching. Some are bilingual.
* For group of teen students / students coming by themselves (independently.)
* Group class of maximum 8 students.
* Safe and tranquil place
* Teens are watched 24 hrs/day by one or two chaperons
* Lodging and meals with a Mexican family (maximum 4 students per house)
* 3 meals daily (Hrs: 7 AM - 3 PM - 8 PM)
* Daily transportation to school and back to host family provided by every "Mexican mama" (If house is not within walking distance.)

During the week and on weekends, we offer cultural and recrational excursions.

Starting Dates

Summer Time

* Summer "Children Program"

The Program is designed to get your children a Spanish language acquisition in an easy, creative and funny way.

The program fits depending on parents needs. It can be focused on the academic part or emphazising on the recreative area, guiding the child to develop oral communication habilities through the use of material like videos, dynamics and didactic games with bilingual system. (English-Spanish) 

Schedule: From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. From Monday to Friday. Open on Summertime (Starting date July)

You and your children will have the opportunity to learn about Mexican culture and way of life by living with a Mexican family. This is a great and unforgettable experience!!



Registration fee                 US  90

Tuition  (6 hrs/day)             US 185

Homestay           US 25 (shared with parents)

Children participate also in excursions with their parents.

Advantages in the Children Program are:

One teacher per 6 students

Lodging and meals with their parents

You may watch your child anytime

Safe place

Very suggested to families of 3 or more members



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