Homestay Accommodations

You may live in a Mexican home where you will have your own private bedroom.

If you are traveling with others, we can also accommodate couples, friends and family in the same homestay (either in shared or separate rooms).

Your Mexican homestay family will provide you with three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Special Diet
If you would like vegetarian dishes, or if you have any food allergies or other special diet requirements, please let us know and we will be glad to accommodate you. Just indicate your dietary preferences (what specific foods you can eat or not) when you fill out your registration form. We will take this information into consideration when we assign your homestay and we will explain your dietary needs to your Mexican family.

Host families are aware that many types of food are new to you and that you will like some dishes more than others. So please remind your family what things you eat and do not eat, and feel free to let them know what new dishes you have liked (or not). Remember, you may ask your family to serve you plenty of the wide variety of Mexican readily available fruits and vegetables.

Your family in Cuernavaca does not provide laundry service but there are laundrymats all over the city. Cost US 3 - US 4

Coming & Going
Your host family will give you a front door key to your home and are free to come and go as you wish. (However, please make sure to inform your host mother if you will be coming home late at night or if you are going away for the weekend so she will not worry).

Homestay Plans

   With 3 meals daily (Full board)


   Private Room and bath US 29

   Shared room and bath US 26 (if coming with a companion)

   With two meals daily (Half board)


   Private Room and bath US 25

   Shared room and bath US 22 (if coming with a companion)



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