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The Center's students have several housing options. In our homestay program, carefully selected families provide a home away from home. This gives students the opportunity to further appreciate the beauty of Mexico and its people. The host families are located within 20 minutes walking from school. Some provide their students with bicycles, so they can get around the city and to and from the school easily and quickly. Students can also rent bikes in our school for $1 USD per day.

Private accommodations such as condominiums, houses and hotel rooms are also available. If students would like for us to organize such independent housing, a description of what they are looking for, including a price range, the desired number of bedrooms, dates of the students’ housing, desired proximity to the school, and any specific requests, is helpful. We will do everything possible to meet the student’s needs and will send options to the student. Prices of such accommodations vary and do not include meals.


We offer transportation from and to Cancun's international airport. Students are taken from the airport directly to their homes or hotels in Playa del Carmen.

There is also a shuttle service organized inside the airport for about $8 USD per person. However, the shuttle will wait until there are enough people to make the trip, so students should be prepared to wait there for other passengers if necessary.

Returning to the airport is more economical, students can take a taxi for about $30 USD, and there is a bus direct to the airport for about $7 USD.