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With Playa's great location, our students can enjoy a great variety of activities that enhance their knowledge of the Mexican culture. These excursions and social activities are educational and entertaining. We offer the following excursions:

One Day Excursions

Tulum and Xel-ha Students visit the only ancient Mayan center built beside the sea and snorkel in a natural marine park. 35 minute drive.

Sian-kaŽan Students take a tour through a huge natural biosphere where they can see many endangered species and crocodiles. 1 hour drive .

Cancun Students tour the city and hotel zone and go shopping. They also visit restaurants and enjoy the nightlife. 45 minute drive.

Xcaret Students go to a natural Mexican theme park where they can swim with dolphins, visit an aviary, enjoy a Mayan show and the Mexican Folkloric Ballet. 10 minute drive.

Coba and Cenote Students visit and impressive Mayan center imbedded in the jungle and go swimming and snorkeling in one of the most beautiful Cenotes in the region. 1 hour drive.

Chichen-Itza and Cenote Ikkil Students visit one of the most important Mayan centers, swim in a amazing Cenote call Cenote and visit the Colonial town of Valladolid. 3 hours drive

Two-Day Excursions

Chichen-Itza and Merida Students visit one of the most important Mayan centers and visit the beautiful colonial city of Merida. Were they will visit the anthropology and history museum will eat in a typical Yucatecan restaurant and will be able to do shopping for handcrafts and hammocks.


Diving and Snorkeling The Mexican Caribbean is one of the best places in the world to scuba dive and snorkel. Arrangements can be made for those who would like to experience the natural wonders of the Caribbean Sea.

Diving Courses Students can learn to dive in a few days. All levels of certification are available.

There are many other activities such as horseback riding, skydiving, windsurfing, yoga, beach volley ball, etc. to make this the experience of a lifetime.

Excursions and activities are not included in academic fees.