"Terms and Conditions"

A) Bilingual Language Program Worldwide (BLPW) is not responsible for action beyond its control such if I get intoxicated by food, by alcohol and/or drugs; sexual assaults, robbery, strikes, postal delays or loss, mechanical breakdowns, weather, earthquakes, government actions, delay or acts/omissions of suppliers and by services provided by third parts. I am aware that classes canceled in honor of local national holidays are not made up.

B) BLPW shall not be responsible for any accident or illness occurred to me, which may arise during classes, excursions, field trips, my free time outside classes and my accommodations. I must contract in my own country of origin and maintain at its own cost a Medical and Life Insurance to protect myself against any of such risks.

C) I will conduct myself in a responsible and proper manner at all times, with consideration for other students, staff, third parties as well as other people's properties. I understand that BLPW has no responsibility or obligation to make refunds or fees of any kind after and before my arrival to my destination and if I misbehave in the classroom, on the school premises or in my host family's home and if I change my mind after my arrival.

D) I understand what is expected of me and will abide by these expectations and exercise common sense as I will live in another country and will respect, follow and understand that I will be, myself, under the abroad local laws and the "Constitution of the United Mexican States."

E) The following rules outline my obligations relating to my stay at BLPW Programs:

1. Speak Spanish always, at campus and with my family and with my group members.
2. Be punctual for all activities.
3. Respect my teachers, fellow students and every member of my Mexican family.
4. Participate actively in class and do my homework.
5. Act maturely and responsibly.
6. Avoid trivial complaints and arguments.
7. Keep my room tidy and pick up after myself.
8. Remember that I am a representative of my family and my country while in Mexico.
9. Remember to use “POR FAVOR” and “GRACIAS”.
10. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn the language, culture and traditions of Mexico.
11. I am solely responsible for my money and other personal things.
12. Any damage I may cause to the school or Mexican family’s property will have to be paid for myself.
13. For minors:
     a) No smoking or drinking alcohol anywhere.
     b) Not to go out alone without permission.


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