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About School

The 'Cusco Spanish School' makes it possible to diffuse in to the peruvian culture in it's diverse manifestation. We promote the changing culture and offer an opportunity to see Cusco and directly experience the inhabitants while appreciating this marvelous country and it's ancestry. Spanish School in Cusco
The teachers in the School are all proffesionals and Peruvian. They have a wide Knoweledge of the area, history and the local way of living. Language School Cusco

Learn Spanish in 'stunning' Cusco,
the ancient capital of the Incas

One Week`s Program Outline

10 hours of grammar and 10 hours of conversation per week
3 meals a day
City tour (not including visitor ticket - $10)
Salsa Classes

Other services (without aditional cost)
Television facilities
Art exhibitions
Educational and cultural evening
Art and drama presentations
Music concert

Optional activities (a small cost maybe incurred)
Peruvian dance classes: african and andean
Cooking classes for typical peruvian food
Peruvian instruments lessons
Quechua language lessons (the original Inca language)
Local hikes with guides
NB. Also included is a pickup from Cuzco airport where a school representative will deliver students to their host families. Spanish School in Cuzco Spreadshirt Designer